Saturday, March 24, 2012

I did not want to exercise yesterday nor today but I did something. Today was better than yesterday. My emotions feel better too. Yesterday I felt like I had been invaded by some of the 7 dwarfs and their cousins, Sleepy, Sneezy, and Weepy and Shaky. I think my blood sugar had dropped some. I lean toward hypoglycemic. I began to notice this health issue when I was in my late 30's. I would be in Walmart shopping for whatever and all of a sudden I would start shaking and get really irritable. I would go to the deli area, get some chicken strips and milk, sit down and eat. Withing 15 minutes I would feel sooo much better. I try to eat every 3 hours to avoid this. However what I have been eating and my portions have gotten my overweight. I am not sure what happened yesterday morning. I am trying to start exercising some in the morning before eating because that is what the BFL guidelines say to do. I am trying to get use to doing this rather than just jump head first into the deep end on April 9. I am dreading the before photo. I did eat some Hershey Kisses today that a friend gave me for valentines day. Yep, got a whole bag and still have not eaten all of them. For me that is good. Had Cheerios for breakfast, lean hamburger on a small wheat bun for lunch, a protein drink for a snack, more cheerios, and need to eat something for supper.

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