Saturday, March 17, 2012

Body for LIFE

I am preparing my mindset and my kitchen for taking on the Body for Life Challenge. I doubt I win a prize but to me winning would be reducing my BMI and pants size. However a sleeveless shirt that said 'I did it with Body for LIFE" would be nice. I don't think there is such though. I have cleaned out my pantry, my frig and next is the frig freezer. My challenge begins Mon. April 9. Until then I am getting my ducks in a row by cleaning out my kitchen, getting my weights together and getting more organized. Part of being more organized is knowing what exercise clothes I will put on in the morning. I find that when I have to go dig out something rather than it be laid out and ready, I am less likely to exercise. I am also gathering menu ideas together. I like a plan and I love it when a plan comes together. This morning I pulled out my black 2-pc swimsuit and looked at it. I dread putting it on and taking those first photos. I am starting to eat better but I know there will be habits that I need to break, like yesterday when I got an Icee, just because I want a Coke Icee does not mean I should have one. It is so easy to go through BK drive-thru and get one. I am identifying my habits and trying to think about a plan to overcome them when the urge hits, mindset prep. Being organized, planning, preparation, mindset of commitment, and follow-through is what I need in order to succeed. I will Succeed.

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