Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I admire the human body as a work of art. When scultped and shaped with muscles the female body is beautiful. It takes desire AND dedication to sculpt the body with lean muscles. Many have the desire but not the commitment and dedication. D I have the desire, yes. Do I have the dedication and commitment, I am about to find out when I begin the Body for LIFE challenge. Whereas my first goal is to lose fat and get back into smaller clothes, I would gladly wear a size larger if it means having lean sculpted muscles. Muscles are more dense than fat and therefore take up less space and weigh more per same amount of space. We shall see how my body reacts to this plan. I already eat about 6 times a day because if I don't my bloodsugar drops and I get irritable and shaky. I also know that it is healthy. The problem over the last several months is I have not been exercising on a regular consistant basis and I have enjoyed too much quantiy of food for my height of 5'1 1/2". I have become uncomfortable in my body. When I sit down there is this roll of fat from my waist that rises up to greet me. It is time for a renewed sense of healthy living.

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