Tuesday, June 15, 2010

.What is Healthy Eating?

The guidelines I follow:
1. Limit junk food such as chips, cookies, candy, soft drinks, fried foods
         Once a week I treat myself to something.
2. Portion control, stop eating before I feel full. Fullness will come.
3. Bake, grill, stir-fry meat. I don't fry meat, except for deer tenderloin which is about twice a year.
4. Use healthy fats such as Smart Balance cooking oil and Smart Balance margarine when a recipe
          calls for this. This brand has healthy fats, no trans fat.
5. Cook vegetables in water or broth or stir-fry in SB oil.
6. Eat fruit and vegetables. Limit starchy vegies such as white potatoes.
7. Limit starches such as rice, pasta, white potatoes, bread.
           I didn't say that I don't eat them. I eat them in moderation.
8. Limit sodium. We get plenty without adding any salt.
9. Eat 6 times a day, Breakfast, A.M. Snack, Lunch, two P.M.-Snacks, Dinner
10. Know what a serving size is. Read labels.
       Read nutrition info at fast food places.

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