Monday, June 21, 2010

June 21-27

Breakfast Choices
Cheerios w/1% milk
scrambled egg sandwich made w/ Egg Beaters and whole grain bread
cheese toast on whole grain bread

Lunch Choices
tuna or chicken sala:, chopped bbq chicken sandwich: PB&H sandwich w/milk;

Snack Choices, chooses 3 a day
fruit such as white peaches, watermelon. banana (great for after a morning sweat)
cheerios; Kashi granola bar; 1/2 natural peanut butter and honey sandwich
1/2 smoothie

Evening Meals
Monday:breakfast supper of toast, eggs, grilled lean sausage, and grits
Tuesday: steak and potatoes for the guys (I prefer chicken), salad
Wednesday: chicken, sweet potato wedges, salad
Thursday:fish, slaw, cajun rice
Friday:out to eat
Saturday: grilled burgers for lunch; grilled chicken kabobs & corn for dinner
(We really enjoyed the grilled corn at our daugher's & son-in-laws home on Father's Day.)
Sunday lunch: roast, sauteed potatoes & onions in a small amount of Smart Balance oil, green beans, whole wheat rolls. I may make a splenda apple pie.

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